First mission – Hux I

Hux I on launch padAfter a few unrecorded earlier fails at putting a basic rocket together and getting used to the directional controls I ended up with the Hux I. It is a very basic single stage rocket with a simple payload on top.

The Hux I is made up of the following parts from top to bottom:

  • Aerodynamic Nose Cone
  • Probodobodyne OKTO2 (unmanned Command Module)
  • Structural Fuselage with two RemoteTech Dipole Antennas
  • TR-18A Stack Decoupler to separate launch stage from payload
  • FL-T200 fuel tank
  • LV-909 liquid fuel engine

Hux I at highest pointAll up it weighs 2.15 tons on the pad with a surface thrust-to-weight ratio (TWR) of 2.38. I initially had two of the stock Communotron 16 deployable antennas instead of the dipoles however the craft lost contact with Mission Control at the Kerbal Space Centre once it got to just over 2000 metres altitude. A quick retrofit back at the Vehicle Assembly Building and I had my first successful launch with a mission elapsed time of 3m23s and an altitude of 18,987m before splashing down in the ocean 24.5km from the KSC. Hux I achieved a highest speed of 506m/s (347m/s speed over land) and a total flight distance of 50.9km.

Next up for my Kerbals will be an improved two-stage Hux I-b design with a basic probe separation.

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